We asked 21 people to reflect on 2008 at Mater. These are their responses.

Aileen Harris Aileen Harris

Aileen Harris, Mater Private Hospital Redland Patient Care Assistant, recalls a poignant day on the ward.

Caroline Hudson Caroline Hudson

Caroline Hudson, Executive Director of Mater People and Learning.

Debra Moen Debra Moen

Debra Moen, Director of Nursing, Mater Adult Hospital, Mater Children's Hospitals, Mater Mothers' Hospitals and Maternity Services.

Don Murray Don Murray

Don Murray, Executive Director, Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Private Hospital Redland.

Dr John O’Donnell Dr John O’Donnell

Dr John O'Donnell, Chief Executive Officer, Mater Health Services.

Dr Mark Waters Dr Mark Waters

Dr Mark Waters, Executive Director of Mater Mothers', Children's and Adult Hospitals.

Ieuan Hyde Ieuan Hyde

Ieuan Hyde, Chief Marketing Officer, Mater Health Services.

June Adams and Chris Hill June Adams and Chris Hill

June Adams and Chris Hill, Mercy Day Award winners, recall their pilgrimage to Catherine McAuley's first outreach in Dublin.

Karleen Simmonds Karleen Simmonds

Karleen Simmond's daughter Jessica was born at 25 weeks gestation.

Kate Naughton Kate Naughton

Kate Naughton, Volunteer Ward Nanny at Mater Mothers Private Hospital, explains why it's so great being a Mater Volunteer.

Liv and Dane White Liv and Dane White

Dane White was born with a rare heart condition.

Mal Thatcher Mal Thatcher

Mal Thatcher, Chief Information Officer, Mater Health Services.

Mark Davissen Mark Davissen

Mark Davissen, Cardiovascular Radiologist, describes Mater's CardioVascular Unit and the Artis Zee Biplane Flat Panel Detector.

Mish Hill and Don Cave Mish Hill and Don Cave

Mish Hill, Director Women's Health Services and Don Cave, Director of Perinatal Medicine and Women's Health Services, describe the new Mater Mothers' Hospitals.

Pat Snowden Pat Snowden

Pat Snowden, Director of Nursing, Mater Private Hospital

Robyn Manko Robyn Manko

Robyn Manko, a Senior Technician at Mater Pathology, looks back over forty years of service.

Ros Butler Ros Butler

Ros Butler, Clinical Community Nurse at the Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre, recalls the highlights of her clinic's first year.

Sr Michaeleen Mary Ahern Sr Michaeleen Mary Ahern

Sr Michaeleen tells the story of Embrace, an monument to the Sisters of Mercy.

Terry van der Ham Terry van der Ham

Terry van der Ham, Director of Group Supply Services, explains how Mater aids communities in Uganda and Laos.

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