Providing the tools to communicate about cancer

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In September Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre and 4-Life Psychology launched a new program, “Mindful Parenting in the context of breast cancer”, to give women being treated for breast cancer the tools to effectively communicate what is happening to them with their children.

Around 20 per cent of Brisbane women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year are mothers of children under the age of 18 and many women struggle to convey the realities of their condition to their children. The program has been designed to help overcome these issues.

Participants in the program are welcomed into a safe environment where they can feel comfortable to share their experiences of parenting and learn ways of communicating about cancer and treatment that are appropriate for children at different stages of development.

Mothers are also introduced to the practice of mindfulness, which can be of great assistance in coping with and responding to the challenges associated with treating and surviving cancer.

The program is conducted in groups and led by a psychologist covering various interlacing themes including mindfulness, self compassion, emotional expression, problem solving, skills building (coping, communication, assertiveness and relaxation) and psycho-education.

Participants are encouraged to take part in each of the six weekly programs which cover different topics such as addressing child development, understanding of children’s fears and recognising children’s coping strategies.

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    Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre Coodinator and Breast Care Nurse Sally Graham with a patient

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