Paediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Friday, 27 June 2008

In June 2008 Kerry Gordon began work at Mater Children’s Hospital Emergency Department in her role as Queensland’s first Paediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner.

As a nurse practitioner, Kerry is able to perform specialised tasks that extend beyond the normal scope of practice of a registered nurse. She has been trained in skills specifically relating to paediatric emergency medicine for the role. Her day-to-day tasks can include things like ordering blood tests, prescribing medications and referring patients to other health care professionals.

Nurse practitioners, who are already widely used in countries like the US, the UK and Canada are relatively new to Australia. They have been introduced to the Queensland hospital system by the State Government to complement and improve services.

Kerry says she has fit comfortably into the medical team environment since beginning her new role.

A lot of people think that nurse practitioners are meant to replace doctors or other health care professionals but that is not the case. The idea is to complement and help improve services already available and to meet gaps in services.

I have received lots of positive feedback from my colleagues including nurses and doctors and this support has been invaluable.

Kerry Gordon,
Paediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Kerry, who has been working at Mater for past five years, obtained a Masters of nursing science (Nurse Practitioner) at the Queensland University of Technology over two years and graduated in November 2007.

The role of the nurse practitioner has been introduced to help meet the key challenges facing our health system, such as rapid population growth, growth of complex conditions and an escalation in consumer knowledge and expectations.

I feel privileged to be a part of the solution to these challenges.

This role is a great opportunity for me to increase my autonomy, learn more skills, provide patients with better care and progress my career while remaining in a clinical environment.

Kerry Gordon,
Paediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Independent surveys of patients treated by Kerry have shown satisfaction with services provided and patient confidence in the new nurse practitioner role.

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