Dr Veronica Smyth

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Dr Veronica Smyth was not only a compassionate and kind person, she was a research pioneer.

Dr Smyth was a staff member of the Mater Nursing Education Department in the late 1960s and later transferred to assist with the establishment of Mater’s Nursing Personnel and Staff Development Department.

Dr Smyth subsequently obtained a degree in audiology and began teaching in the Audiology Department at The University of Queensland. Following this, Dr Smyth continued her studies, obtained her PhD and became a senior lecturer.

During this time Dr Smyth maintained her contact with Mater, initially supervising Mater audiology students and later supervising staff members when they were pursuing their postgraduate studies.

One of Dr Smyth’s most significant contributions to Mater was as a research pioneer into the testing of hearing in infants. She applied for and gained a large NHMRC grant in this area. She had a special collaboration with June Scott, who was Director of Audiology at Mater at the time. Dr Smyth supervised June's study and research in the area of otoacoustic emissions. This research validated the use of this equipment in the screening of newborn infants and allowed for the development of associated audiological techniques.

This ground breaking research paved the way for the universal hearing screening program which has been introduced throughout Queensland for all newborn infants.

Dr Smyth passed away in Mater Private Hospital Brisbane on Friday 23 July 2008. She is survived by her only son, Vincent, her family and friends.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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    Dr Smyth

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