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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A new performance development system was introduced in 2008 called ClEAR. It is an organisation-wide initiative aimed at making performance development an integral part of day-to-day life at Mater.

ClEAR—an acronym standing for Clarify, Expect, Achieve, Results—represents a framework that provides staff members with a consistent way to discuss their performance and development and one that helps everyone to gain a better understanding of how their role interrelates with achieving team, department and organisational goals.

There are two parts to the initiative: a new electronic system (ClEAR) for recording and managing performance conversations and ClEAR Conversations—a skills development workshop for managers and staff.

Mater is one of the first organisations in the Australian health care sector to take such a progressive and holistic approach to performance development supported by a fully automated tool for capturing development plans.

According to Mater Health Services Director of Organisational Development Anna Eves, the decision to introduce ClEAR epitomises Mater’s genuine commitment to creating a culture of feedback, improvement and transparency.

Since its introduction, one of the first staff members to experience ClEAR was Director of Health Information Services Sallyanne Wissman.

Ms Wissman said she has found the framework useful in shaping a performance development plan for herself, as well as individual plans for each member of her management team.

Up till now, performance development discussions have been focused mainly on business objectives.

ClEAR is great in that it incorporates the importance of Mater’s Values and embeds them in the performance development process. The framework itself is easy to understand and use and it allows me to align my individual and team objectives with the greater aims of the Information Management Division.

Sallyanne Wissman,
Director of Health Information Services

Every staff member is assisted on their own ClEAR journey, with a number of team briefings, online resources and workshops guiding them along the way.

After completing their training, pioneering managers will begin using the ClEAR framework with their teams in early 2009, with rollout to other areas of Mater to take place in the latter part of the year.

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    Mater staff learning more about ClEAR

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