Professor David Tudehope says farewell

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals’ Director of Neonatology, Professor David Tudehope retired on Thursday 17 April 2008, leaving behind a legacy of more than 30 years of service.

During his career Professor Tudehope and his team of doctors, nurses and surgeons were responsible for saving approximately 1000 lives every year—one of the best neonatal survival rates in the world.

For three decades he provided exceptional care to some of the most vulnerable babies in Queensland, including his most famous patient Jonathon Heeley, who made national headlines in 1992 for being the smallest baby to survive in Australia. Jonathon—who weighed 374 grams when he was born, spent 20 weeks in hospital and was dubbed the Coke Bottle Kid because of his size—remains in regular contact with Professor Tudehope to this day.

Professor Tudehope, who gained his neonatal expertise in London, Ontario, San Francisco and Melbourne before returning to Queensland, said Mater’s Neonatology Department always felt like his vocation and his home.

He said neonatology was his passion, and that many of his career highlights were seeing his patients living meaningful and joyful lives.

Staff and patients from Mater’s community gathered to honour Professor Tudehope at a special farewell function on the day of his retirement.

Professor David Ian Tudehope, AM, MBBS, MRACP, FRACP

  • July 1977—Professor Tudehope was appointed Director of Neonatology at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.
  • August 1977—Mater Mothers’ Hospitals first retrieval.
  • 1978—Mater established a multidisciplinary growth and development clinic.
  • 1978—Mater’s neonatal survival rate among the best in the world.
  • 1985—Queensland has its post-basic neonatal nursing training course.
  • 2002—Prof Tudehope was awarded a Queensland Great award.
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    Professor David Tudehope's FarewellCEO Dr John O'Donnell and Professor David TudehopeProfessor David Tudehope with his familyProfessor David Tudehope

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