Celebrating 10 years of discovery

Friday, 19 December 2008

2008 marked the Mater Medical Research Institute’s (MMRI) 10 year anniversary and cemented the institute as a leader in translational research.

MMRI has continued its research in the areas of cancer and leukaemia, bowel diseases, psoriasis, diabetes, organ transplantation and much more through specialised dendritic cell, mucosal disease, biotherapy and clinical trial programs. In addition, its discoveries have been published in high impact scientific journals.

The establishment of our Clinical Trials Centre (CTC)—Biomarker Translation program has enabled us to translate our medical research to real patients with real needs. The CTC completed enrolment for its first phase 1 dendritic cell study and has initiated phase 1 studies with mesenchymal stromal cells. MMRI’s successful research programs and scientific patents have attracted major commercial partners especially in the Cooperative Research Centre for Biomarker Translation.

With a continued alliance with commercialisation partner, Uniquest, and collaboration and association with external International and Australian groups, MMRI has developed a reputation in translational research and is a partner in a new Translational research Institute (TRI) planned for Brisbane with its main node at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

As part of the TRI, MMRI, in combination with the Queensland Children’s Research Institute, is developing another research building for location within the Mater Complex. These developments are both major contributions to Queensland’s knowledge corridor.

As a leader in translational research, MMRI has also had the opportunity to assist the Queensland Government, and Queensland Health, develop the Healthcare Improvement, Office of Health & Medical Research Centre. Additionally, in conjunction with its Queensland University of Technology partner, MMRI will participate in the $7.5 Million Federal Prostate Cancer Research Centre initiative.

On behalf of my team at the MMRI I would like to thank the Sisters of Mercy, Mater Heath Services and our grant and commercialisation partners for their continued support, commitment and passion towards translational medical research.

Professor Derek Hart

    MMRI Scientists: Rebecca Prue and Gary Brooke with students from Mackay Central State School. MMRI Student Melinda Lambouris with Summit Fleet Leasing’s Ray Scaybrooke at the MMRI Ball 2008.

To ensure we continue our commitment to meet the health care needs of the community, Mater has developed business strategies which address the issues of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

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