Dr John O’Donnell

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Today was a reflective day. I was asked to reflect on the performance of Mater Health Services as an organisation in 2008. I jotted down some of the achievements and events as they came to mind and before I knew it the page was full.

In 2008 at Mater we opened new and improved hospitals, we trialed innovative patient care initiatives to improve patient safety and satisfaction, made exciting ground with research projects and started a new strategy for developing teaching and learning.

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The Queensland Government confirmed the development of the $1.1bn Queensland Children’s Hospital adjacent to Mater and we have exchanged an agreement on the inter-relationship between Queensland Health and Mater Health Services. As a precursor to the Queensland Children’s Hospital development, the Queensland Paediatric Cardiac Services transferred to Mater from The Prince Charles Hospital so that patients, families and staff could function in an integrated tertiary paediatric health care environment. There is now no waiting list for children’s heart surgery.

Intra-operative CT scanning was introduced into the neurosurgery unit in Mater Private Hospital Brisbane– an Australian first.

Mater’s ongoing role as a provider of health care services to the Queensland community for 102 years was acknowledged in a unique piece of legislation—the Mater Public Health Services Act.

Mater staff worked as a team to improve our performance in waste management, recycling, energy and water conservation to help ensure our environmental sustainability.

All of this has been achieved through the guidance of Mater’s ever present Mission and the continuing ability and willingness of staff to translate this Mission into an experience for patients which shows genuine compassion and care.

At Mater we see new challenges every day. It is from these challenges that we have shaped the services we provide and the manner in which we provide them.

This continued intelligent and innovative response to community need ensures that we remain relevant … And I believe we get better every day.

Dr John O’Donnell
CEO, Mater Health Services


To ensure we continue our commitment to meet the health care needs of the community, Mater has developed business strategies which address the issues of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

This website has been developed in accord with these strategies, and is the accompaniment to a summary document printed on recycled paper.